Strands | Strands (May 2023)

Modern, polished, and delicate, this self-titled album builds faith in the creative vision of the younger generation. Drawing on the jazz traditions that precede it – but having its own twist – the album features 8 pieces that act as a conversation between band members and the audience. “Strands” is composed of Benjamin Phipps (double bass), Alistair Johnson (saxophone), Deven Rahman (trumpet), … Read more

SPEL | SPEL (May 2023)

Vocalist Louisa Rankin and Clarinetist Jason Noble have joined forces to create a supremely human listening experience.  As noted by the duo ‘spel’ is a real word that means ‘a play, a game; to exercise oneself in diversion, an amusement or recreation’ which intentionally captures the catalyst and soul of the partnership.  Set amidst a … Read more

Loose Leaf | How We Cope (Apr 2023)

“Music is nothing else but wild sounds civilized into time and tune.” ― Thomas Fuller Debut record ‘How We Cope’ by group Loose Leaf seeks to prove that music can, in fact, be both civilized and uncivilized, tamed and wild, timeful and timeless, tuneful and tuneless – that these qualities, both opposed yet in harmony, … Read more

Ignasi Terraza, Adruan Cunningham & Esteve Pi | Unusual Trio (September 2022)


The veteran Spanish pianist Ignasi Terraza, one of the most internationally recognized Spanish jazzmen, has recently published a new work entitled “Unusual Trio”. Any musical movement by Terraza deserves to be carefully and carefully observed. On this occasion he is accompanied by the Australian located in New York, Adrian Cunningham (Rene Marie, Fred Hersch, Randy … Read more