Ben Monder, Tony Malaby & TOM RAINEY | Live in Lisbon (July 2022)


Ben Monder (New York) has been passionate about the guitar since his childhood. It should not be left unheeded that his mother studied classical guitar while she was pregnant with Monder. Without a doubt, she transmitted those sounds and sensations to her during the pregnancy. After two years playing the violin, more out of duty … Read more

John Aram – Rhapsody In Red

John Aram - Rhapsody In Red

In 1924 the famous bandleader Paul Whiteman commissioned George Gershwin to put together a piece for solo piano and jazz band. Gershwin almost didn’t do it because he didn’t think he was given enough time to write it. Luckily for us he did write it. Rhapsody in Blue is one of the most easily recognizable … Read more

Levitas: Luboš Soukup & Christian Pabst


Connected by more than 10 years of musical history and companionship, renowned German pianist Christian Pabst and prolific Czech saxophonist Lubos Soukup finally realise their longstanding goal of exploring the intimate and challenging duo format with Levitas (Sept 2nd, Animal Music). Someone said the basic ingredients for a great jazz duo are little more than … Read more