Filippo Deorsola I Anaphora

Dissonant, direct, disturbing, delightful when less indulgent in themes inspired seemingly from some Da Da-esque universe.

My first exposure to this accomplished trio was via the release on Qobuz of “Where do adults come from?” I admit I did not enjoy the encounter.

However Jazz is a multiverse to use that new meme and I accepted the aural challenge and come out of it quite smiling. Smart music for ears that want to really listen to something that is new.

Imagine how nervous (doubt it really) how Coltrane or Mingus felt when just being the real person. This is what this album is.

It is not a comfort ride. It is not exceptional in audiophile quality although of course that may in part be due to the source provided for review, but nevertheless this album is going to make people stand up and question.

I welcome more to come in anticipation of a first encounter repaired.

Hard work but worth the effort.

Do your mind a treat.

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