INÉS MALHEIRO | Liquify, Spread and Float (July 2022)

Born in Braga and with a career linked to jazz and dance, Inês Malheiro has been exploring the spatial dimension of voice and sound in the creation of composed or improvised narratives. Throughout his artistic career he has collaborated with various musicians and artists, such as Capicua or Pedro Melo Alves, as well as exploring his own creation of originals.

He teamed up with Gonçalo Penas to edit, in 2020, an EP-performance titled Canal-Conduto. Together with Francisca Marques, he created Organismus Katharsis II, a show designed to expel all evil emotions through sound expression.

His latest work to date is “Liquify, Spread and Float” and he has released it on the Carimbo Porta-Jazz label.

He is accompanied by Daniel Sousa on sax and electronic effects; João Almeida on trumpet and electronic effects; José Vale, guitar and electronic effects; Vicente Mateus sits on the drums and also performs electronic effects.

The album was recorded live at the Guimarães Jazz Festival, in November 2021. In this concert, the musical work was complemented by the visual work of Carolina Fangueiro. The performance was videotaped and can be watched in its entirety with a download code included in the record credits.

The Carimbo Porta-Jazz catalog has reflected the artistic productivity of the Portuguese jazz scene in general and Porto in particular. Along with established names, it has included other new talents. This work by Inês Malheiro is among those that break the barriers of conventional jazz, even progressive. Your proposal is challenging.

The album is divided into three parts “Liquify”, “Spread” and “Float”. Live recording is perfectly distinguished. The electronic elements are continuous. The spectral and deep sound is mixed with moments of improvised and total electronica. Malheiro’s voice remains in the background due to the sound of the instrumentation and especially the effects. It is in the third part where it shines the most.

Malheiro makes a risky bet that began in college, when he took an electronics course and started playing with software and with his voice.

A musical experience that will captivate all those followers of innovation and experimentation.

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