Iosu Izaguirre Sextet | Mingus Moods (December 2023)

Iosu Izaguirre began playing electric bass at the age of 15 in ska and rock groups and soon felt the call of jazz and began studying the double bass technique.

He moved to Barcelona for a few years where he collaborated with Victor de Diego, Gorka Benitez, Alejandro Di Costanzo, Alejandro Mingot and the pianist Teresa Zabalza.

Upon his return to Vitoria-Gasteiz he took part in projects by the singer-songwriter Mikel Urdangarin, the composer Bingen Mendizabal and the pianist Iñaki Salvador.

A little over a year ago Izaguirre began working on this musical project in sextet format. Surrounded by great friends and colleagues in which the harmony has been very good from the beginning.

Acaban de publicar “Mingus Moods”, un disco con el que rinde un homenaje a Charles Mingus con ocho  composiciones propias, inspiradas en la música y el legado de Mingus. El álbum, obviamente,  presenta una mezcla de estilos, desde el bebop y el hard bop hasta el blues y el funk. “Su música fue el estímulo para empezar a componer. Con esta obra, ni mucho menos he querido imitar a Charles Mingus”, afirma Izaguirre.

Las ocho canciones fueron grabadas en la Sala Araba de la Fundación Vital. “Esta música solo hay una manera de grabarla. Los músicos tienen que ir al estudio y grabar a la vez. Es música que sucede en el momento y tú tienes que tomar la foto de lo que sucede” afirma Izaguirre.

Mingus’s music aroused great interest in him since he heard it for the first time; there was something that aroused Izaguirre’s interest, and that did not happen with other musicians. “His music moved away from the standard concept to which I was accustomed and contained mysteries that, at that time, were indecipherable for me.”

He also discovered the irascible, complicated character and his political commitment and defender of the rights of black people. “In my desire to understand the musician and the person, I began to study his work and his biography to try to understand why he attracted me so much and thus be able to better decipher the message that this great composer of the 20th century wanted to convey.”

Trying to do an exhaustive work on Mingus’ work is a titanic task, and if we limit it to eight songs, it is impossible. But Izaguirre has managed to make a very well prepared and sufficiently representative compendium.

Of course this album does not intend to imitate Mingus’s music, but it does succeed in uniting common elements in his way of composing, using similar textures and other common elements, to transmit to us that enormous compositional and interpretive world of Mingus.

Iosu Izaguirre demonstrates his quality as a composer and performer in this “Mingus Moods”. His companions shine at great heights, both in solos and in accompaniment.

A serious and quality work this “Mingus Moods” that will be liked by Mingus fans and those who are not so much and, of course, jazz lovers.

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