Jakob Klang | Pathways (Aug 2022)

The AMP Music & Records label continues to bet on young talents, mainly from Scandinavian countries. Musicians who, if it weren’t for this label, would not be valued internationally, providing them with a way to make themselves known through these recordings.

This time it’s about Jakob Klang, a professional drummer who lives in Stockholm. He teaches drums at the Stockholm School of Arts. Freelance musician and active musician at the University of Dance and Circus. Former drummer for the Swedish Army Band and the Swedish Army Drum Corps. Educated at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

Klang has worked as a musician in various contexts. Among others in contemporary dance, where she has increased her interest in movement and its relationship with music. The movement both in the form of dance and the fact of how we move through life. Curiosity about movement, both large and small, is something that has come to be of great importance in the way Klang interacts with music, both as a musician and now also as a composer.

“Pathways” is made up of eight songs, all signed by Klang. In a way, Klang searches for his own musical voice, as a composer, performer and artist. The album invites us to reflect on the paths we follow throughout life, which make us change our course and which can make us totally different people. Relatively simple, but very warm melodies that reach the listener’s ear and catch him.

Modern, calm jazz, with many nuances that are discovered in successive auditions.

The quintet sounds compact and the interaction between all of them is appreciated. The Tengholm and Tunevi winds lead the songs supported by a good rhythm section.

Some solid first steps to continue growing in the near future.

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