Jamie Pregnell I Sleepy Town

‘It’s just really good fun, you know? Everything on it feels great and the tunes are fantastic.’ – Julien Wilson, speaking about his experience playing on Jamie Pregnell’s record ‘Sleepy Town’.

This album, made up of cozy, sophistically arranged and executed originals, comes from the country’s southernmost state – Tasmania. Jamie [Guitar] has created a truly contemporary Australian sound that infuses effortless musical improvisation with the Tasmanian vista.

His band mates, aforementioned Julien Wilson [Saxophone], Sam Anning [Bass] and Ben Vanderwal [Drums] – true musical artists in their own right – have all bought into the vision with relish, bringing their top level musicianship and creativity to the album.

Julien and Jamie are a particularly perfect musical match. They both approach their instruments from a place of tone and lyricism, and the interplay between guitar and saxophone throughout ‘Sleepy Town’ shows how locked in these two musicians were on the date.

It’s a partnership that I, personally, hope spans the length of many more records.

They both spin deceptively simple lines that pulse with depth and truth at every measure. Supported superbly by drums and bass, there’s so much for the ear to delight in, all helped along by a clear sounding mix.

At around 38 minutes in total run time, the album leaves you with the desire to immediately go back to the beginning and listen again.

The sound – burdened and thoughtful, yet full of hope – is a fine choice if you’re looking for something to keep you warm or keep you company.

Listen and buy the album on Bandcamp.

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