Joanie Pallatto | Accidental Melody (May 2023)

1.Surrender 2.Accidental Melody 3.Apart 4.You Think You Know 5.A Shooting Star 6.The Melody Of You 7.Don’t Ever Look For Love 8.The Cuckoo Clock 9.In The Middle Of Life 10.Sound 11.Lafayette 12.Keeping Track Of Time 13.The Lost Year

Joanie Pallatto – vocals

Fareed Haque – classical guitar (1-5,7,9,12,13), electric guitar, (1,3,4,7-9,11-13), acoustic guitar (1,7)

John Christensen – double bass (1-5,7,9,12,13)

Eric Hines – percussion (1-5,7,12,13)

Juan Pastor – percussion (1-5,7,9,12,13)

Bradley Parker-Sparrow – piano (6.10)

Singer-songwriter Joanie Pallatto’s father played the violin and her mother played the guitar. When he was four years old, he began learning the violin and then moved on to the clarinet. At school he sang in the choir, where he discovered his passion for singing. She attended the University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and was introduced to the music of Chick Corea and Miles Davis and vocalists Betty Carter, Bob Dorough, Cleo Laine, Mark Murphy and Annie Ross. He has released 17 albums as a leader/co-leader. Co-owner and partner with pianist/composer and husband, Bradley Parker-Sparrow at Sparrow Sound Design Recording Studio and Southport Records, Pallatto has experience in all aspects of music production. He has extensive experience as a studio and dubbing singer, having recorded hundreds of radio and television commercials. As a jazz vocalist, Pallatto has performed in many of the best jazz clubs in the US.

“Accidental Melody” is the fourth album made up of his own compositions or composed in conjunction with a third party. She is accompanied by musicians from the Chicago jazz scene: John Christensen on double bass, Eric Hines and Juan Pastor on percussion, her husband Bradley Parker-Sparrow on piano and as a special guest, Fareed Haque on classical, acoustic and electric guitar, with whom she has been performing and recording since 1994. He has performed all of her original music and she asked him to produce this work. Pallatto says: “Haque is a virtuoso. He really understands me and what I’m trying to accomplish. We decided to create a more intimate feel for “Accidental Melody” using primarily acoustic instrumentation. Fareed’s suggestions are always inspiring, so I asked him to get the band together and he brought in John, Eric and Juan, all wonderful musicians who I met and played with for the first time.”

The album opens with a song by Pallato titled “Surrender” that is about surrendering to life, about surviving. Haque does a classical guitar solo with Andalusian and Mediterranean aromas. Pallatto’s voice seems warm and convincing.

The title track of the album “Accidental Melody” has Brazilian and Latin overtones. Also written by Pallato, it is inspired by an Eddie Palmieri album.

Pallato wrote “Apart” while visiting Costa Rica with Sparrow in 2020 just before the pandemic. They were almost trapped there when everything shut down. Love song about being separated from the person you love.

“You Think You Know” is composed with Haque and represents the relief when the confinement passed.

Pallatto wrote “A Shooting Star” to showcase Haque. With Latin and tango flavor. Haque shares his solos with Christensen on double bass.

The romantic song “The Melody of You” is composed by Sparrow with whom he performs it as a duet.

Pallatto dedicates “Don’t Ever Look for Love” to her friend Tania, who wanted to have a relationship. The lyrics say: “Don’t look for love/ It has to find you/ There’s nothing you can do’ Before you look/ The more it hides.”

In “The Cuckoo Clock” Pallato tells us about the clock in his mother’s house. A duet with Haque on electric guitar.

The Latin flavor returns with “In the Middle of Life” where it tells us about that stage of life in which fifty percent of it has been completed.

“Sound” is an improvisation by Pallato and Sparrow dedicated to all singers.

“Lafayette” is another duet with Haque on electric guitar. The song is about traveling home to Chicago and knowing that you will soon be there when you pass through the city of Lafayette. One of the jazziest songs on the album along with “Sound”.

“Keeping Track of Time”, composed by Pallatto and Sparrow, is a pop ballad without further pretensions.

The album ends with “The Lost Year,” a song about the end of the Covid confinement, with lyrics that say: “Live your life/ Day by day/ Just take the time/ To work and play/ Find a way/ To appreciate today.”

This work goes through Brazilian, Latin, jazz and pop rhythms, with lyrics that tell us about love, loneliness, aging, life and fun.

Warm songs, like Pallato’s voice, with soft instrumentation that fits perfectly with Pallato’s style. The notes are fair, there is no over-interpretation on anyone’s part.

A true relaxation for the listener.

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