Oleś Brothers & Dominik Strycharski | Koptycus (Feb 2022)

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You can always expect originality and uniqueness from labels endorsed by the Oleś Brothers and Dominik Strycharski and it’s no different in the case of their latest project, where the roads of all three have crossed.

The Oleś Brothers have been under the wings of the Audio Cave label for some time (in my opinion, currently the most interesting and best Polish jazz / jazz-related label). Last year, Dominik Strycharski also appeared in the catalog of the Krakow publishing house with the highly acclaimed “Symphony of the Ursus Factory”.

The joint venture of Oleś and Strycharski was commissioned by the Music of Faith – Music of Peace Festival, and the originator of its implementation was Miron Zaifert – the curator of the event. In 2018, the premiere of this program took place during the festival concert.

Artistic and cultural journeys appeared in the careers of both the Oleś Brothers and Dominik Strycharski. Koptycus is one more step in this direction. The music of the Copts – one of the oldest Christian communities in the world – has become an inspiration and influence for their music.

The Coptic community lives mainly in Egypt, but also in Eritrea and Ethiopia. Living on the sidelines, in isolation, prompted them to create our their own musical language, in which we can find Greek, Jewish and Muslim influences.

On this basis, the Oleś / Oleś / Strycharski trio creates a story told in contemporary musical language.

The atmosphere of the recordings is very impressive – I can only imagine how powerful it is in a concert scenario. However, the studio value of the project should not be underestimated.

Three quarters of an hour of music tells a meditative story, full of reflection, sometimes even slightly gloomy. We will not find (except for two shorter fragments) a singing, joyful melody. Three equal, evenly sounding voices share regret, sadness and uncertainty.

A genuinely prophetic (looking from the perspective of today’s reality) and an excellent album.

released February 11, 2022

Bartłomiej Oleś – drums, percussion
Marcin Oleś – double bass
Dominik Strycharski – blockflutes, electronics

Listen or buy via Bandcamp


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