Kristin Berardi | The Light And The Dark (Oct 2022)

‘This album is about believing… it is also about enduring… Not knowing when the darker times will end or the lighter times will be upon you.’

This explanation is found in the liner notes of Kristin Berardi’s brand new release ‘The Light And The Dark’.

Kristin couldn’t have provided a better salve for the current times we all find ourselves. Bristling with ultra-modern original compositions, the album shows off not only Kristin’s incredible vocal capacity, but her ability to write impactful, ear-grabbing tunes. My first introduction to Kristin’s art – full of heart and shimmer – ‘The Light and The Dark’ is her 14th album, exhibiting a dedication to music and a wealth of experience that can’t be challenged.

Aided by a rich source of talent, we discover Ingrid Jensen on Trumpet, Miro Sprague on Piano, Marty Jaffe on Bass, and Jerome Jennings on Drums.

From the first track to the very last you can hear how the traditions of folk, soul and jazz are expertly dovetailed together. Allowing the listener the choice to just sit back and enjoy the sound, or to dive the depths – and depths there are – of musical interplay and arrangement.

‘The Light And The Dark’ continues an important relationship with Earshift music – a record label founded by saxophonist Jeremy Rose. Lifting the profile of what is fast becoming a national treasure within the Australian record label scene, and keeping Kristin’s roots to the country she developed and pioneered her craft in.

Albums as complete and timeless as this don’t come around that often. I encourage everyone that reads this review to go and buy a copy.

4 1/2 stars.

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