Max Grynchuk Big Band Plays Erasure Description Volume 2

Take your entrenched, long held understanding of big band music — give it a loving look — and then throw it out the window. Max Grynchuk Big Band’s ‘Plays Eraser Description Vol II’ is a forward thinking, future sounding take on brass and woodwinds over a rhythm section.

Building on a legacy already well established with Vol I, Vol II opens with a track that grooves harder than an ‘intro to the band’ has any right to.

The album immediately commands your attention, with both quality writing and arranging as well as unconventional artistic choices.

An example of this is how the sound of a carbonated beverage is used to perfectly fit the breaks through the back third of the third track ‘Waves’. It’s something that could sound gimmicky, but is actually pulled off in such a way to be satisfying and fun.

All soloists across the record approach their moments in the spotlight with style and chops.

Not overplaying the rest of the band, yet still saying “check this out”. Tracks — composed by David Goodwin [keys], Jack Strempel [piano – not featured on the record], Alexander Flood [percussion] and arranged by Max Grynchuk [trumpet] — are pulsing, big jams that play with tempo and dynamics to etch an intricate sound that never once becomes boring or samey.

Max, based in Adelaide SA, has done a fabulous job assembling eighteen talented musicians to surround his trumpet sound, making music that has this listener completely obsessed.

Do yourself a favour, get this record, and as the first track says ‘put your volume to max output and enjoy Max Grynchuk Big Band Plays Erasure Description Volume II’.

4 Stars – listen or buy via Artist Website

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