The 7 Most Popular Instruments In Jazz

popular jazz instruments

Whilst any instrument can, in theory, play this style, there are a key collection of ‘jazz instruments’ which have established themselves as the go-to ones in this genre… As with any music genre certain instruments ‘speak’ to that idiom more clearly and emphatically than any others. Western classical music makes use of brass, woodwind and … Read more

Levitas: Luboš Soukup & Christian Pabst


Connected by more than 10 years of musical history and companionship, renowned German pianist Christian Pabst and prolific Czech saxophonist Lubos Soukup finally realise their longstanding goal of exploring the intimate and challenging duo format with Levitas (Sept 2nd, Animal Music). Someone said the basic ingredients for a great jazz duo are little more than … Read more

Inviting: Per Møllehøj, Richard Andersson, Jorge Rossy (August 2022)

Inviting / Richard Andersson

Leading Danish bassist Richard Andersson leads an all-star trio through a selection of beautifully selected tunes, as Tim Larsen writes… With ‘Inviting’ you have three very talented musicians taking on the Great American Songbook.  They wrote four of the selections themselves but, no matter, you could mistake those for a bit more modern version of … Read more

Styles & Types of Jazz | Evolution of the Genre

Types of jazz

Since its inception as a distinct musical genre in its own right, jazz has had many “styles” attributed to it.While such labels were useful to give an indication of what the listener could expect to hear, the reality was (and is) somewhat different. Jazz by its very nature is a rapidly evolving music and each … Read more

Jazz Disminuido: Frontier Between Free Improvisation and Musical Debauchery

Jazz Disminuido

Jazz Disminuido is a recent album, led by the Mexican composer Jacobo Cerda in the company of his ensemble, Los Inoxidables, who –now in a trio format– came to stir our synapses with a bizarre picture of pure free improvisation. The fabric of this work ranges from a vast timbral transformation, achieved thanks to real-time … Read more