SPEL | SPEL (May 2023)

Vocalist Louisa Rankin and Clarinetist Jason Noble have joined forces to create a supremely human listening experience. 

As noted by the duo ‘spel’ is a real word that means ‘a play, a game; to exercise oneself in diversion, an amusement or recreation’ which intentionally captures the catalyst and soul of the partnership. 

Set amidst a flowing entanglement of breath, voice and bass clarinet the debut self titled album SPEL mystically pulls you into a calming trance with its 7 live improvisations. Louisa’s vocal contributions are reminiscent of the simple joy in making sounds with absent minded experimentation.

The kind of meditative vibration you allow yourself when no-one else is around. While Jason’s fluttering, deep textural support and audible valve manipulations give a weight and interaction to the musical movements. 

SPEL’s thoughtful play in the face of daunting fragility has echoes of what it is like to exist – though we may like to forget it. Having music like SPEL to create a warm and safe space to reflect on these potentially cold and hostile realities is essential and allows us to reset and refocus on what is important. 

To me an endeavor as present here, is a balancing of the scales of artistic striving. A potent antidote to commerciality of art. Music, for music’s sake.

It may not be for you, it may not be your daily listen, but I implore you to work through what SPEL has on offer, you may find yourself changed on the other side.

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