Trezz | Venga que sí

1.Venga Que Sí 2.Argentina 3.Ballad For Me 4.Luz (intro) 5.Luz 6.Laguntasuna 7.Argitasun 8.On The Way

Luismi Segurado – piano Dario Guibert – double bass Mikel Urretagoiena – drums

Trezz (Tres + Jazz) is an acoustic jazz group that emerged in 2010 in San Sebastián, at the Higher Music Center of the Basque Country (Musikene). According to themselves, hard bop is the movement that has influenced them the most, specifically musicians like Wes Montgomery, Miles Davis, Chet Baker, John Coltrane and Paul Chambers.

Trezz is led by pianist and composer Luismi Segurado (Jorge Rossy, Masa Kamaguchi, Bob Reynolds (Snarky Puppy), Chris Kase, Andrzej Olejniczak…). He completed his advanced studies in jazz piano at Musikene (San Sebastián) and has received masterclasses from prominent musicians such as Barry Harris, Jerry Bergonzy and Gerard Clayton. As a leader, in a trio, he has published “Tritones y Serendipia” (Fresh Sound New Talent, 2017) and “Hocicology” (Fresh Sound New Talent, 2019); in quintet “Bud in Green” (The Changes, 2022) and others as accompanist. He is accompanied on this project by double bassist Dario Guibert and drummer Mikel Urretagoiena (The Machetazo).

The first song on the album “Venga que si”, by Guibert, gives its title. A nice song with the typical trio structure, where improvisation dominates the scene. Good beginning that predicts a good development and ending…

The second song, “Argentina”, is signed by Segurado and as the title tells us, it has a certain flavor of that country. The three musicians alternate with solos, Guibert, Segurado and Urretagoiena in this order.

The third track on the album is “Ballad for me”, the first track composed by Urretagoiena. It is a beautiful and relaxing ballad, with an interesting piano and double bass dialogue, supported by Urretagoiena’s brushes.

“Luz” follows, also by Segurado, and is presented to us in two beats. A piano introduction that does not last a minute, and that resembles those dawns that refuse to be consummated, to give way to the development of the theme, more alive than the introduction and that goes through different rhythmic stages.

Continuing with the ballads, “Laguntasuna”, Segurado’s third song, maintains the plot line of the previous cuts.

In “Argitasun Izpiak”, the second song composed by Urrretagoiena, bebop hovers in the studio. Tremendous double bass, drums and piano, of course.

The album ends with “On the way” by Guibert. Another composition with a fast pace that seems like a trip down a highway at full speed.

The trio behaves cohesively, with great synchronicity that surely goes beyond the merely musical and transcends the personal.

A pleasant surprise.

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