Vejslev Exploration Band | Parallels

This is a joyful rendition of music to make your ears fall in love…

We start with a playful interplay between a well crafted brush on snare, to a repost from a seemingly drunk bass, then in kicks the sax..seems tired matinee music, then think again, this is going to hook you.

Andreas Fryland commands the tone of the piece and opens up an offer of expression to Mathias Jensen on the bass , which he embraces, then the fuzzy sax moves centre stage.

Toftemark gives vibrato to the tone and to cap off this show in comes the Vejslev with notes and tastes like Frisell but with a bite. Slow Burn is one of the finest opening tracks I have had the luck to hear.

So what next.. well you are going to be entertained, forget your ideas about Scandi etc, this quartet is going to make you smile as you examine the inner you. Yep I said that.

The commanding musicianship  (horrible word I know) of the following track is evidence of the knowledge and effort this quartet have put into this session.

It is delicate and has an ear worm quality (yep I said that). Just Another Standard really does sound like something from the Blue Note 80s era.

This quartet covers all the genres from be-bop to free, accomplished and pleasing to the ear and mind, young and hopefully many more of this to come.

This is an album I will keep on my Walkman, a good travel companion.

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