Essential Modern Jazz Guitarists (Guide)

Looking to expand your knowledge of the contemporary music scene? Here’s our pick of some of the most famous modern jazz guitarists you should check out… From the very origins of the music firstly the banjo and then the guitar have been a feature in jazz. More portable than piano for travelling bands, and easier … Read more

Most Famous Jazz Ballads (Countdown)

Nothing beats a great jazz ballad. No jazz performance is complete without at least one, and such is the appeal of ballads there are many artists who have made a complete album of just ballad material. With many song writers and composers writing jazz ballads for albums, stage shows or films many have entered the … Read more

Loose Leaf | How We Cope (Apr 2023)

“Music is nothing else but wild sounds civilized into time and tune.” ― Thomas Fuller Debut record ‘How We Cope’ by group Loose Leaf seeks to prove that music can, in fact, be both civilized and uncivilized, tamed and wild, timeful and timeless, tuneful and tuneless – that these qualities, both opposed yet in harmony, … Read more